My Story- birth

I wonder how to start writing my biography. I don’t feel that my life and struggles are extraordinary. Rather I feel they are extremely ordinary and relatable to common people. Born in a middle class family in West Bengal in a small district named Bankura, I was brought up in the ‘always so busy’ city of Mumbai. When I was born at 16th hour and 12th minute of the 30th of august, 1993, my father was the happiest person in the room as my mother was unconscious due to anaesthesia. He always wanted a girl is what I have heard. My maternal grandparents were around and as usual no one else! My parents were extremely happy to have a beautiful baby girl, snow white in colour with red chubby cheeks. I weighed 3.8kgs at that time!!!

My mother was suffering because of me! 😦 She had undergone a vertical C-section which was painful postoperatively. The stitches got infected and she could not even walk with ease.

At this time my paternal grandfather “the hitler of the family” arrived! Everyone thought he had come to see his eldest son’s newly born daughter. But lo and behold! His purpose of visit was to take my mother to her ‘Sasural'(husband’s home) as the grandma had gone to her ‘maika'(father’s home) and there was no one to cook food. My maternal grandpa kept quiet while my grandma and dad protested saying my mother was not in a condition to do anything. She needed bed rest. She also lashed out on him when he said these are all ‘bahanas’. Finally nani won!

At last he saw me. He liked me. And he said I looked like him which was untrue in every possible way! I definitely don’t look like him. After a month we moved to “the Sasural”.

Living as an introvert!

It’s a modern world we live in where we are defined by our opinions, by our views on different subjects. Silence is under appreciated.  I am an introvert. I love being alone and spending time with myself. I over think everything in my moments of silence but I don’t like saying everything out loud. I feel it unnecessary to speak out my heart and mind out to everyone all the time. And I believe there are lots of people like me in this world. But of course we are a minority in this world of modern talkative people.

It’s like when I am in a party and enjoying my food or the music, do I have to compulsorily speak to someone? Is it obligatory? Talkative people are the life of a party. But what is the use of such talkers if they don’t have patient listeners like us! I mean people start tagging us unsocial when we don’t call them or text or go out! We only have a handful of friends because of this reason. But if we can take the world’s unending blabber, why can’t the world accept our silence? We introverts are caring and fiercely loyal. But you need to reach that level of friendship with us where you can appreciate our moments of solitude.

We are extremely talkative around our best friends. But around strangers we get cold feet! Mind me, we aren’t unsocial. We know how to talk and when to talk. We just don’t talk all the time. It’s just exhausting!

Good Morning!

Yes a very good morning!! I am saying this because i feel mornings are the most important part of the day.

I go for walking everyday at 6am. It’s beautiful in the morning! The sun has just come out of its sleep and it appears orangish yellow in colour. There are birds chirping everywhere and the most important part is there are only a few humans around. Because nowadays hardly few people wake up so early! It’s a long lost habit.

6am picture

The roads are covered with leaves. They are empty except a few dogs roaming around. With headphones in my ear , i go around a few kms and explore the silence of this beautiful morning.

Amazing sunlight!!

After an hour or so the sun begins to come up and shines in all its glory!! It’s amazing out there and I encourage people to wake up early and experience the silence of the morning. It gives peace to the mind and soul and helps in having a calm and beautiful day ahead. Just thought of sharing my experience with you. Good morning! And good day! 🙂


Hi, I am a doctor! Most people see it as being a great profession. We save lives and get so many blessings in return. While others think that we are the richest and the most money sucking creatures in the world! Well, depends upon their perceptions!

Believe me, life is hard being a doctor. It is! I have completed my Under graduation and doing my post graduation in the field of eyes. When i was a small girl my only dream was to become a doctor.

I worked hard day and night. Studied till my eyes became heavy with sleep. Gave up my dance , sports and all activities I loved. Gave up watching movies for 5 long years! And finally got into MBBS!

I thought I could do it easily. I had always dreamt of it! But who knew that the 1st activity I would get is “sitting around a cadaver” for 3 hours and staring at the formalin filled dead body!! Still I was happy. And somehow I managed to pass MBBS with good grades and was all set to enter post graduation.

I got into Ophthalmology. Life is tough here. It’s been a year and a half. But, the work load never reduces. It keeps on increasing exponentially. And respect? Even the house-keeping staff doesn’t respect us! And don’t get me started on my appearance. The 1st 6 months I took bath once a week,went to the parlor once in 2 months, washed my hair once in 2 weeks and combed it I don’t know when! Most of the days of the 1st year I spent in running, getting late for everything even after getting only 3-4 hrs of sleep and ate whatever shit i could get and whenever I got time (which was never) ! I got scoldings from anybody and everybody every now and then for silly and stupid things! I forgot that reading books are a part of my curriculum. Forget opening, I didn’t even get to buy the necessary books. Only super humans can do what we do here! And we get zero appreciation for it. Last 2 months have been better as juniors have come in!

Anyway, still 1 and half year to go. Fortunately I still love being a doctor and I hope I don’t lose it in this painful process. And I hope people learn to give doctors the respect they really deserve! Good day!


It’s okay to be an INTROVERT

Though introverts share an almost equal percentage of the world’s population as the extroverts, they are still considered to be the “odd man out”. I am one of them. Gatherings, parties and socializing does not interest us. We do socialize, but to a limit, beyond which, we get bored!

But let’s face it! We are not accepted as normal individuals. People perceive us as “weird” sometimes. We need a wider acceptance in the community.

Phrases like, “You need to open up” or “Why aren’t you talking?” or “Is something upsetting you?” really irritates us. Introverts are not low on confidence. They just like to be with themselves more often. They love their privacy the most.

It bugs me when people tell us to change. It’s our inherent nature which is quite unchangeable. We aren’t unsocial. We just mix less.

Accept us dear friends. Accept us the way we are. Because, it’s okay to be an introvert! Like if you agree and give your feedback even if you disagree.


‘Genuinely!’ We use this word so often. Do we really mean it? I am not sure and most of you will agree with me after reading this post.

Being genuine is a long lost phenomenon. We live in a world which is full of pretence and we have become a part of it. We fake everything. We fake all the time. Whether it is to impress our bosses, parents, friends or partners. But can it really take us forward as individuals?

We feel that if we behave in a certain way as per the moods of others we will get a good name. Yes, I agree. But, can it really make us happy? We do not realize that in the process of faking, we start losing ourselves. The sole purpose of this human birth is to know ourselves. How is it possible with acting?

Some of you might argue that if we start being ourselves we might be perceived as rude or arrogant. But friends let me tell you, we can be nice and genuine at the same time. We don’t have to be rude to express ourselves. We are not arrogant if we don’t agree with every word others say. It’s just about being yourself. Listen to all but do what you feel right. Be genuine.

Think about it!